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        Social Responsibility


        Donations and investment in education industry

        CN Innovations had established MianDe middle school in Chaozhou in 1982 and have sustainably improved its facilities, such as establishing the science and technology building, library, student dormitory, purchase modern teaching facilities and so on. In addition, CN Innovations donated HK $ 5 million to The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to support the nano-science R&D project in 2010.

        Caring the underprivileged class

        CN Innovations paid attention to the underprivileged class, and hoping to explore a new public service model between business and charity. We Are Family Foundation Ltd (Wer family) was founded on this basis, and aims to create an inclusive platform for jobs creation, take care of those in need, and guide them to struggle with fate. "We R Family Foundation", "L Plus H Limited" and other social benefits programs were the charity projects launched by Wer family.

        Wer Family Foundation initiated the "333 Learning Companion Leadership Program", targeting students from low-income families and offering them free after-school tutoring, aim to address student's academic problems, help them to establish self-confidence, and more importantly, let them feel loved.

        Caring the employee and community

        We set up a mutual fund to support employees who suffer from major illness or accident. When earthquakes, floods and other disasters occurred, CN Innovations will be timely response and make donation.

        We view the company as a platform where employees from different background can participate and learn from each other. We motivate our staff by providing extensive training and opportunities to develop their career with professional standards, and thus enhance the efficient operation of the company. We, CN Innovations, are using our own approach to pursue sustainable development of public welfare and assume social responsibility.

        333 Learning Companion Leadership Program

        Participation of Volunteer Service

        Donation to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

          Donation to MianDe middle School

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