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        Product and Services

        Green Mobility Innovations

        Green Mobility focuses on the design, development and assembly of commercial range-extended electric vehicles, including a hybrid electric mini-bus, as well as related facilities and services. Our investment in this business sector was in line with our strategy to invest in energy-saving technologies with a long-term horizon and significant growth opportunities.

        Green Mobility began producing and selling commercial range-extended electric vehicle, a hybrid electric mini-bus, in the Hong Kong market in late 2013. Green Mobility sold its first commercial range extended electric vehicle in extended electric vehicles in the first half of 2014. The mini-buses are designed to have a 50% smaller carbon footprint and produce 70% less greenhouse gas emissions than the mini-buses currently in use in Hong Kong.


        Electric Public Light Buses – Range-extended electric





        We value the continual improvement to a healthy environment

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